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Deliciously Popular Food Items You Might Enjoy In 2018 | Philip BernaboKale was all the rage in 2017. So what’s going to be the hot item in 2018?

Kale’s benefits were plastered on the blogs and walls of all who praise greens and health contributions to your dinner plate. With reason, the leafy greens are fibrous, it has very few calories, and has zero fat. The leaf cabbage is great for digestion, and it has vitamins, magnesium, folate, and nutrients. It can be eaten raw and it can be cooked up with a number of other ingredients to pull together to create a healthful, hearty meal.

The new year will bring forth a new cycle of delicious trends, that have been pointed out due to their unique tastes, textures, and qualities. Beyond salad, seaweed, and fermented vegetables, there’s a list of pleasing items that are appetizing and appealing,

  1. Plant-based ‘Meats:’ Many are opting for a plant-based diet, thusly more and more people are picking up meat alternatives when they visit the grocery store. Hearty plant-based items are worthy responses to meat.
  2. Sugar-Free Carbonation: The La Croix station has left the station, and most people are aboard. Not only are people taking to drinking less soda, they’re looking for seltzer that’s flavorful, robust, and floral.
  3. Food Delivery Subscriptions: Food delivery subscription services have grown in recent years. Among them are Blue Apron and Freshly. These delivery services and online markets are great for quickly gaining food, particularly for those located in food desserts.
  4. Tuna: Flavorful pouches of tuna can be wholesome, portable, and a choice treat for anyone seeking a well-balanced diet.
  5. Middle Eastern Flavors: Spices such as cardamom, turmeric, and za’atar are going to grow in popularity this year among those don’t already enjoy these flavors. Similarly, halloumi and tahini will grow in popularity in the upcoming year.

Some other things you may be interested in this year are buckwheat, teff, sorghum, quinoa, and other alternatives to cheeses, meats, and milks. This is particularly the case because of veganism increase by 6 percent during 2017.

What are some other food trends you expect for the upcoming year?